Knitting patterns

Keeping patt correct, inc 1 st at each end on next [next: next: 9th:

9th] and 2 [2: 1: 3: 4] foll 4th [6th: 6th: 10th: 10th] rows, then on

1 [1: 3: -: -] foll 6th [8th: 8th: -: -] rows, taking inc sts into rev st st.

32 [32: 34: 34: 36] sts.
The above is from a Rowan pattern (Mia). I don’t have a clue what this means. Please help. Thank you

Which size are you making, first, second, third?

Hi, the first size

Continue working in the pattern stitch and increase at each end of the next row (call it row 1) and then rows 5, 9 and 15. There will be 2 increases per increase row. The increases will be worked in reverse stockinette and you’ll end with 32sts.

thank you, thank you, thank you!

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