Knitting Patterns with a Kokopelli Image

OK, so my boyfriend is obsessed with the Native American deity, Kokopelli. I have tried to find a knitting pattern with an image of kokopelli on there, but all I find is patterns calling for kokopelli yarn. I don’t care what the product is – it can be a blanket, discloth, socks, etc. It just needs Kokopelli on there!! Thanks in advance!

Try this site though I’ve found that sometimes the charts are not super clear and you need to clean them up with a pen.

Or, you can print out some knitter’s graph paper
and print your picture right on that. This has become my favorite way to make my own charts.

Here’s another that I just found. Apparently there are a lot more places on the web that will generate charts since I last searched.

I found a dishcloth. It’s the yellow one third from the top.

And a cross stitch chart that could probably be knitted.

The thing to keep in mind if you use the cross stitch chart - a cross stitch is a perfect square but a knit stitch is longer then it is wide. so your finished knit product will be a bit distorted from the chart. That probably won’t be such a issue with this design, though.