Knitting patterns request

Thank you letting me join this wonderful site. I’m beginner in knitting . I got this Woolspoon yarn and I wanted to knit something easier but I don’t seem to find any pattern so far. Any suggestions where should I look? Thanks in advance

Welcome @Eminadea! What is the yarn weight. I see that they have bulky and super bulky? It may have a number 5 or 6 on the label or say what it is. If you don’t see that then can you tell us what the tension/gauge is?

Have you knit at all yet? You said you want to knit something easier so I’m not sure if that means you’ve already knit something.

Yes I have knit before but still new . I’m attaching a picture of the yarn.
Thanks for your response

Okay so it’s #5 which is a bulky yarn. How many skeins do you have. If it’s only the one then you have 127 yds. This makes a difference when choosing a pattern.

With one skein you can probably make a hat, small cowl or maybe finger less mittens.

Hi Jan,

I have 6 at least skeins. I was looking to make a scarf and can’t seem to
find any pattern so far …

@Eminadea Great! Okay here’s a few scarves that are made with bulky yarn and don’t look hard. I’m not sure if you want basic like garter or want to learn something new, but here’s a nice variety. If these don’t work give us some ideas of what you’d like to do.

This one isn’t made with bulky, but there’s no reason you couldn’t. You’d just use a larger needle and possibly use less stitches. I made it with worsted and it came out really nice.

Thank you so so much Jen. When I finish I will send you pictures :wink:


Thank you so so much! I’ll check which one I will make and I will
definitely send you pictures :wink:

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