Knitting patterns for anything

I am looking for a project to knit.
I don’t care if its on circular needles,straight, or DPN’s.
I am only 11 so somewhere around easy-intermediate
please reply

Welcome to Knitting Help!

There are thousands of patterns. Can you give us some idea of what you like to knit?

Do you already have some yarn you want to use? There are patterns for all weights from lace to super bulky and you generally can’t use something like super bulky for a lacy pattern.

If you don’t want to wait for answers you can always look here -

Also check out (free to join) where you can search using your yarn type (weight, fiber content, and amount), as well as other helpful criteria (whether you want to make something for a male or a female, age-appropriate items, construction–fair isle or in the round, for example, etc.).

Ravelry is much easier to navigate than the Pattern Central site because you can see pictures of completed projects on Rav. I sometimes get annoyed with having to click all the links on Pattern Central. But, by all means, check out both!

I started knitting at a young age, too. I think my first “project” was a “dress” for Barbie.

Dishcloth patterns are abundant and easy to start with; scarves are common first projects.

Even if you just knit a plain scarf–knit every row, you will get lots of practice to even out your knitting. A pattern that uses knits and purls (maybe checkerboard) is good too since you can practice both stitches.

Ingrid, I’m not sure I’d attemplt a dress for Barbie even now. Good for you!

Just knit a tube, maybe in ribbing. She wears lots of strapless dresses anyway…

:teehee: It was a rectangle that I sewed on the doll. Strapless, timeless, sexy style with a big lumpy seam.:lol:

I agree, but didn’t know if Ravelry was okay for an 11yr old. It’s probably fine and I like it best, too.