Knitting pattern

I need help pl inc in next sts, what does inc row Rib 2, inc in next st, (rib 7(8 6 5) inc in next st 5 (5 7 9) times, rib 2 (3 3 2) (51(57 63 69) sts (sorry but I am a beginner and I understand part of it but not all thanks

Welcome to KH!
The directions are probably for different sizes. So for the smallest size:
Rib 2sts, increase in the next stitch (rib 7sts, inc in next stitch) repeat the directions in parentheses 5 times, rib 2sts. You’ll have 51 sts on the needle now.
What is the pattern you’re using? Can you give us a name or a link?