Knitting pattern

Could anyone tell me what the pattern is for the grand chenille throw on the pottery barn website? It doesn’t look that complicated and someone with more experience than myself might easily know what the stitches are. Thank You:muah:

If you could link to the pottery barn picture that would help…

This one?

That doesn’t look knitted to me.

Thanks Antares for the link.

No, that’s woven, though you can knit a herringbone stitch pattern which will look similar. The Henry scarf at Knitty uses it, and here’s some other versions…
Woven Herringbone
Diagonal Herringbone
Zigzag herringbone

Yes - that’s the one on pottery barn. I did not know that was woven (I’m knew at this). Do you think the closest I could come would be the herringbone? Thank You!

Seed stitch might be similar, but I think the herringbone is closest although it is directional. I think herringbone would be beautiful.

Yes, an effect similar to the woven stitch can be made with the knitted herringbone stitch. Here’s the one from knitty which may be the best match; try it out and the others I linked to see which one comes closest.