Knitting Pattern

Hi, I’m new to knitting. I’ve knitted a couple of scarfs and have decided to move onto a bag. I have a pattern and I understand most of it but some bits of it seem to be written in a foreign language! Could someone translate this for me?!

Sl 1, K1, psso, K to last 2 sts, K2tog

Working all decreases as set by last row, dec 1 st at each end of 4th and every foll 4th row to 11 sts, then on foll 4 alt rows, ending with WS facing for next row. 3sts

Next row (WS): P3tog and fasten off

Slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over the one you just knit. Knit to the last two stitches and then knit them together. Then using this row as a template do your decreases like this at either end of every 4th row (ie 4th, 8th 16th…) until you only have 11 stitches left.
The next bit seems to mean decrease on every fourth alternate row ending on a right side row (with three stitches left) so that the wrong side is facing you then purl last three stitches together. Does the pattern have a picture?
It could also mean there are four rows left and decrease on each one??

I think I can help

you slip one knitwise, knit one, and pass the slipped stitch over it like you’re casting off. Then, you work 4 rows, decrease one stitch at the end, and then decrease one at the end of every 4th row until you have 11 stitches, then at the BEGINNING of the next 4 rows, decrease one stitch, until you have 3 stitches, Purl 3 together like one, and tie off.

If you need any more clarity, I can do that.

Thanks. That’s really helpful.

Unfortunatly the pattern does not have a picture. Except of what the finished product looks like. It’s one of the Rowan Urban Streets patterns.