Knitting pattern

Can someone help me to write this part of the pattern out so I can understand the increase I have circled the number I’m following
Thank you

Call that first increase row, row 1. Increase on rows 9,17,25,33,and 41 then on rows 47,53,59,65,71,and 77.

Oh thank you hun, your so helpful, don’t thing I will ever get used to reading patterns. If I get stuck I message you again thank you again xx

Hi Salmonmac
Can you do me a favour and look at the picture for neck shaping and right and left shoulder and see if it sounds right to you, I’m following the ringed numbers, just I had to rip it back as it just doesn’t look right at all.
Also I seem to sew the seams up to tight any advice for this. Really do appreciate your help thank you

The shoulder directions seem right. You’re working one shoulder at a time with the 4sts at the neck edges in garter stitch (knit all sts) and the remaining sts in stockinette (knit on the RS, purl on the WS). What doesn’t look right about the knitting?
What method are you using to seam?
What is the name of the pattern?
(Sorry for all the questions!)

It hasn’t got a name it is suppose to be an easy one I got of a friend a few years back, it is when I sewn it up it wasnt big enough to fit the head and the pattern didn’t lay right, thinking now I’m wondering if I knitted it wrong, trust me lol, and the sewing the seams I’m not sure what it is called but I pick up the two legs of the stitch on each side of the knitted piece.
I wish I could just make something without any problems.
Thank you for your help

Uploading: IMG_20200129_083519.jpg… this is the pattern

and this is how I have written it down to follow it I

Sorry it is a long reply but not sure how to upload it all in one go, plus I keep getting kicked of the site app lol big thanks again xx

Your written out directions all seem fine. If the neck isn’t big enough this time, you could take out the Front neck shaping and make the bind off of the center front sts longer. You would then have to adjust the area of WS knit sts on the Back so that the border at the neck matched up to the front.

Sounds like mattress stitch seam. Maybe don’t tighten up so much when you pull the seam together?

Thank you for that, I won’t get back to it until probably Saturday now but will try it again and go from there xx

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