Knitting pattern


Hi. I apologise for advance if this is a silly question! In the pattern I’m doing, part of Row 1 is as follows: Ssk, *[yon, ssk] x 2, k3, [k2tog, yon] x 2, s2kpo, yon, ssk, yon, [k1, yon] x3, k1 in next st, yon, k2tog, yon, s2kpo… My question is: is there a reason the patter specifies “k1 in next st” rather than just saying k1. Thank you


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Can you give us a link or a pattern name?
It may be something about the row before this one that is the reason for the “k1 in the next st”. Can you quote that row? (not a large portion of the pattern due to copyright but just that row)


Thank you for your response. I gave you the start of Row1


Ah, then treat it as a knit stitch. You can do one other thing and that’s to count up the sts required to work this row (counting the “k in the next sttich” as one stitch and count up the sts remaining after you’ve worked the row and see if that makes sense.
Can you give us the pattern name?