Knitting pattern

I am knitting a row in purl, with knitting together.
I have done the first stitches and than it said to do 7 times does this mean to do within the row these patterned stitches 7 times more until the end.

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Maybe. Can you quote exactly the line that’s causing the problem? Can you give us the name of the pattern or a link to it?

it’s a sirdar snuggle 4 ply pattern no 1373 premature to 3 yrs cardigan

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Can you quote exactly the line that’s causing the problem, please?

the line is
p3(4 4 3 5 2),p2tog, (p5(7 6 7 5 7),p2tog, p6 (6 7 66 6),p2tog) 6 (6 7 8 10
it’s this bit do i do the first bit say 7 times
i have just started the moss st cardigan so have done rib

So for the 3rd size the line becomes
p4,p2tog, (p6, p2tog, p7,p2tog) 7times.
Repeat only the directions in parentheses (p6, p2tog, p7, p2tog) seven times.

Just to say thank you very much for your help, I could see it one you told me.