Knitting pattern

Hello, I need some pattern help.
I need to shape the front slope.
1st row right side p1,k14,p36,k14p10
2nd row k10,p14,k36,p14,k1
3rd to 10th row repeat 1st and 2nd row 4 more times
11th row p1,c14f,p36,c14f,p10
12th-2nd row,13th-row 1 and 14th row-2nd row
shape front slope
right side-patt 15, p2tog,patt to end.
[size=18]patt 5 rows (what does this mean?)
rep the last 6 rows (what does this mean?)[/size]

Thank You for your help! :XX:

When it says to pattern to end, it means to work the knits and purls as you had before to keep everything looking the same.

So they want you to do a decrease row and then work without any decreases for 5 rows, then do another decrease row and 5 rows of working as set.