Knitting Pattern unknown

does anyone know the pattern of Duma`s hat?

Who’s Duma? It looks like cables though.

But can you tell me how the pattern goes?

No, not really without more info. There are thousands of hat patterns and methods. I realize you don’t have a link, but if you can tell us who or what Duma is so maybe we can look for one it might help and maybe we can find one similar enough that it would work.

I thought cables but zooming in I think it’s bobbles.

Here’s a different angle and blow up.
Mira Duma, internet fashion blogger.

Is it even knit? I’m not sure I’ve seen that stitch… it does look like bobbles sorta, but… Hmmm maybe kind of like this?

Crochet would explain the band better. I’ve found similar in knit but all with standard ribbing on the band.
It’s not quite bean stitch, they lay over at an angle but is oval beans like that.

These bobbles reminded me of it but the hat isn’t right.

This is as close as I’ve found. Crochet seems to match the band and hat better.

Thank you very much!! You helped a lot…
I think the last one that Mike sent is very similar to Duma`s hat.
Thank you!! :slight_smile: