Knitting pattern question

I recently got a pattern for a hat that I wanted to try and I think I have figured out the majority of it, and I think I have figured out how to do it except 1 row. The cast-on is 54 stitches. Here is the instructions as written:

*K1, inc, rep from * to end. [I]81 sts[/I]

I know I need to knit , then increase, but where I am getting caught up is I start with 54 stitches and following this I am to end with 81. If I am reading it right, shouldn’t it double? Or am I simply misunderstanding the pattern completely?

It’s [I]not[/I] very clear. My guess is that it’s (k1, kfb) to end. That will get you to 81.

Yes, the increase would be kfb which gives you 1 new stitch for every 2 stitches. If you prefer to m1 instead, k2, m1 all the way around.