Knitting pattern question!

I’m Cindy and I’m a beginning knitter whose skills are advancing rapidly. I taught myself how to knit just last month and each day my skills grow.

Currently, I am knittng a baby sweater and came across instructions that I don’t understand entirely that not even any of my knitting books can answer. Here are the directions:

“[B]Divide for Fronts, Back, and Sleeves: Next row:[/B] K23 for right front. Cast on 4 sts. Slip next 36 onto length of yarn for right sleeve. K50 for back. Cast on 4 sts. Slip next 36 on length of yarn for left sleeve. K23 for left front. 104 sts for body.”

I understand the K(#). When I cast on in the middle of knitting, how is that done? Also, what does it mean to “slip onto length of yarn”? I know how to do slip sts. This is a little different.


To “slip onto a length of yarn” simply take a piece of yarn and thread it onto an embroidery needle. Pass the embroidery needle through the stitches to be slipped and pull the knitting needle out of the stitches. The yarn will hold the stitches until you come back to them. There are also a number of tools that can be used, they look like large safety pins.

There are a number of ways to cast on at the end of a row. You might want to try the knitted cast on, see the Free Video tab. I have not knit a sweater so this is from what I have read and not experience.

Thanks for the quick reply. The part instructing me to “slip onto the length of a yarn” makes sense now, so I know I can even use a circular needle or stitch holder.

Thank you for the help and video link!

If you have interchangeable needles and extra cables slide the stitches onto the cable and connect the ends together. Some interchangeable needles have a connector that is used to make longer cable lengths. When it is time to use the stitches just put the needle heads back on an knit away.

Remember that the project is not finished until you have posted pictures.