Knitting Pattern link help

I am trying to get access to the raglan sweater and cap pattern on this site in the free patterns section, but it seems the link is down. any suggestions about how to go about getting a copy of it?


where are all our computer geeks when you need them!!!

I managed to get to this:

Maybe you can send an email for the pattern. There’s a place at the bottom which allows you to send an email.

what section is the pattern under? I can’t find the link you’re referring to.

It’s in the preemie section.

It looks like the website that originally hosted that pattern is down, and I was unable to find the pattern elsewhere that wasn’t linked to the broken site. Sorry.

thanks guys. i emailed her and hopefully she will email back.


So I emailed the woman like three days ago and still no reply. Is this a sign that the site is down and no one cares? Can I get a copy of the pattern from someone? Anyone? It is my favorite pattern for preemies.


what woman did you email? I don’t understand.

It was the woman who wrote the patterns. I don’t know (rather remember lol) her name, but it was at the bottom of the page that Ingrid referred to. So, yeah, still waiting!!!


Well, good luck.

Thanks…that was fast!!