Knitting pattern instructions

The lookout dog jumper by Drops Design
Hi all can you help. I am having trouble under standing pattern instructions.
I’ve knitted neck and increased 76 sts (XS size) and then done these M2,P2,M2,p3,M3,M2,M1,=mid back, M2,M3 and P3. Now I’m stuck. Now it says (at the same time when the piece measures 12cm). The stitches above have not knitted a full row. I am hoping someone might know what the pattern means.

Very nice dog sweater!

It add up to 76sts. The middle of chart M.1 is mid-back and the first p2 at the beginning of the round is mid-stomach.
M.1- 24sts
M.2- 4sts
M.3- 14sts
So you’ll have 4-p2 (mid-stomach)-4-p3-14-4-24(mid-back)-4-14-p3