Knitting pattern help

Hi all,

Im stuck with a pattern and was hoping for some guidance from one of you fantastic people! A pattern consists of the following:

Row 1 (WS): p
Row 2: p2, [k1,p3] 11times, k1, p2
Row 3: p
Row 4: k1, [p3, k1] 12 times

I have 49 stitches and I repeat this pattern until I have the required length. It then says:

End on a WS row
Then next row: patt to end (which I have done p2, [k1, p3] 3 times), cast off centre 21 sts (which I have done) then it says patt to end ([B]Does anyone know what I have to do on these last ones? Do I do p2, [k1,p3] 3 times again?)[/B]

It then tells me to work on these last 14 sts in the following way:
next row: patt to end ([B]But what row of the pattern will this be?)[/B]

Any help will be great!


A very confused pattern reader!

The best way to work these patterns is to look at your sts and the pattern that you established already. That’ll will guide you in maintaining the column of sts in pattern. You don’t want the pattern to jog one way or the other during the bind off row.

Since you’ve worked a full repeat of the [k1, p3] before the bind off and then bound off the equivalent of 5 [k1, p3]repeats plus one extra (21sts) and accounting for the one stitch that is sitting on the right hand needle after the center bind off, you would start with a p2 then do [k1, p3] repeats. This is a row 2 so the next row would be row 3.

Thank you so much! That’s very handy!