Knitting pattern help

I’m having trouble understanding the 3rd to 9th rows: repeat 1st and 2nd rows 3 times, then work 1st row again, but working 3rd to 9th row of chart.

Piglet and Huggles, sounds intriguing!
What is the name of the pattern?

You’re going to work rows 3,5, 7 and 9 in the same manner as row 1 which means repeating stitches 1-12 in the chart over and over until you get to the last stitch. Then work stitch 13 of the chart. For these odd rows read the right to left.
For rows 4,6 and 8 work the chart left to right as you did for row 2 starting with stitch 13 then repeating stitches 12-1 over and over to the end.
Essentially follow the chart for color placement remembering that the repeat is only 12sts.

Thank you!!

this is the design first time doing fair isle style

Thank you so much for the pattern information. I know a princess who would love this cardigan!

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