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Scarf pattern instructions say, repeat rows 5 and 6 another 31 times

Does that mean do rows 5 and 6, 31 times each making 62 rows, or 5 and 6 as a set making 31 rows?

Can you tell us the name of the pattern and give us a link? Don’t post the pattern here as it’s a copyright issue.

Vanilla Scarf - JumperCablesKnitting

It is a free pattern.

Thank you for your attention! :blush:

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This one? I read it as repeating those two rows - 31 times which would end up with 62 total. Does that make sense? I’ll tag someone to see what they think. @salmonmac

That sounds good. I just look at things in a funny way.

Row 5, 31 times

Row 6, 31 times

Equals 62! Ta-da!

Thank you!

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I think they mean to do them alternately though…


I agree with @Jan_in_CA. Counting the garter ridges in one of the pictures comes out about right for that. If you have more or fewer rows it will change the size but if you don’t run out of yarn and you’re OK with the size it shouldn’t matter a whole lot if your row numbers are different. Happy knitting!

Yup, row 5, row 6, row 5, row 6 etc as you said until 62 rows complete. That way the scarf will increase symmetrically.
See the photo for this project:

That is funny Jan. As I said before, I look at things in a funny way. I understand that 5 and 6 rows need to be alternated. With my funny way, the scarf with 31 row 5 would be really wide and 31 row 6 would be really narrow. Hmmmmm Lol :joy:

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