Knitting pattern help

Hi all! I’m a newbie and have perhaps bitten off more than I can chew with this project… I’m totally baffled to some of the wording in the pattern book- I
Know what the abbreviations mean but the instructions don’t seem to make sense … to me - I’m hoping someone can give make sense of it and translate it for my confused brain!! I’ve done everything in the first photo… now I’ve turned the page (2nd photo) I cant work it out- is it asking me to repeat all the steps again then do the cable part on row 7 and row 10? What do I do for row 8,9 and 10? As you can see I’m completely confused- any help would be so appreciated- many thanks !

Continue to repeat rows 1-8 as given in the initial directions. Keep track of the number of rows you have worked and which row of the pattern you”re on. Ross off the rows as you work them. Instead of crossing the cable on row 7, cross on every 10th row (17, 27, 37, etc).
When you get to the correct number of total sts for your size, stop working the increases.
It may help to write out a lisi of row numbers and next to that a pattern row number (1-8). So row 9 would be pattern row 1, row 10 would be pattern row 2 and so on.
Row 8 doesn’t seem to be given in the pattern but I assume it’s a row where you knit the Vs and purl the bumps.

Thank you so much! I’ve written it out so it’s easier with the stich increases etc - it makes sense now! Thanks! X