Knitting pattern help

Hello! I am knitting a “Fancy flared jacket” from a book of baby patterns from Cherub yarn. I am having trouble understanding the instructions for the sleeves. The sleeves alternate 2 rows of each color and there are instructions for an increase row then it says “repeat Inc row every alternate 6th and 4th row for 11 more inc rows -60 stitches. Then work even until piece measures 6”." Does this mean I increase on rows in multiples of 6 and 4 because some of these would overlap. Or do I increase every 6th row of color A then every 4tg row of color B? Thanks!

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Keep working the rows of different colors, 2 rows each and at the same time increase on row 6 and then 4 rows later, 6 rows later, 4 rows later etc. So repeat the increase row on rows 6, 10, 16, 20, 26, 30 and so on.

Maybe this one:

Thank you so much! That is the pattern I am using, your explanation makes more sense! Glad to have a place to reach out for help, don’t know many people who knit!