Knitting - pattern help

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to knit cowl, and I am beginner in reading patterns.
It’s not really logical but pattern says
Starts with 153 sts on circular needles round.
K1 round white at the same time dc 17 sts (every 8th and 9th st together)
So, as I cast 153sts first round I dec already?
When piece measures 12cm dec on every other P section (P tog the last 2 P sts, 17 sts dec)???
What is P if I do Knit stitch?
Anyone who can help me to figure this out I would appreciate.
Trying to make present cowl.

Can you tell us the name of the pattern and give a link if possible?

Name of the pattern I think it’s English rib if that’s the answer :slight_smile:

The decreasing on the first round could be to keep the cast-on edge from being too tight, seeing as how it has to get down over your shoulders. Or they just want it to flare out a little. Kind of a trust-the-pattern sort of moment. But you are correct, that is unusual.

P = purl. In the ribbing stitch pattern directions, you can see it’s K1, P3 for Round 1. It’s just asking you to work it as * K1, P2tog, P1, K1, P3*, repeating the stitches between the * to the end of that round. Then going forward, you’d have to work the Rnd 1 of the pattern stitch as K1, P2, K1, P3 until the next decrease round, which would be K1, P2, K1, P2tog, P1.

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As I understood
I do cast 153sts then I knit sts and dec every 8th and 9th st together to get 136sts.
Next row I start pattern - English rib, I saw a video so I know how to, and I still K-nit stitch (I don’t P-url-right?) until piece meassures 12cm.
Dec 1st in every other P-section - where is my P-section?
(P tog the last 2P sts, 17sts dec)

Not sure what was in the video you watched, but ribbing by definition pretty much requires purl stitches. Wouldn’t be rib otherwise.

Your pattern gives your pattern stitch as this (in the English version, not sure what language you’re looking at but the pattern stitch directions are directly above the hat pattern instructions):

ROUND 1: * K 1, P 3 * , repeat from -.
ROUND 2: * 1 double st (see explanation below), P 3 * , repeat from * - *.
Repeat round 1 and 2.

K 1 in st below next K st on needle. (I.e. sts from the two previous rounds are worked as one).

As you can see, you alternate knit and purl stitches, which is what makes the ribbing. You’ll do the decreasing on the round at 12cm as I listed - * K1, P2tog, P1, K1, P3*, repeating the stitches between the * to the end of that round.

Yes, the cast on and round 1 are correct. For the false English rib, follow the directions given for your pattern:

ROUND 1: * K 1, P 2 *, repeat from -.
ROUND 2: * 1 double st (see explanation below), P 2 *, repeat from -.
Repeat round 1 and 2.

Both round 1 and round 2 alternate a knit stitch with purl 2 sts. You can see the purl sts in the photo if you zoom in on it.

Note she’s doing the cowl and the pattern stitch is listed differently for it. Caught me the first time I looked at it too.

Confusion between the concept of knitting and that knitting is made up of different kinds of stitches going on here? Trying to understand the problem better.

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Thanks, lewister for catching that. Yes, alternate k1 and p3 for the neck warmer. Perhaps we’ll see when the OP gets back to it.

I’m going to try and start to knit as you explained and THANK you for your time and effort.
Confusing for me is cause I feel am reading some formula and there is a heavy question mark on my head :slight_smile:
I really liked that cowl and it looks like it’s not so hard to make so am gonna knit and knit and knit to figure all you try to point it.

That’s a perfect attitude. For myself, I know that being really confused is the beginning of understanding.
It may help to knit a small swatch, just to see how the knit and purl sts work along the row.
Good luck with it and do come back and show us how it’s going. Questions welcome too.