Knitting pattern help please

So i’m knitting a hat -just called pull-on hat- i’ve done the first bit, about 4cm of ribbing (plain-purl-plain-purl etc) Now the instructions are:

“1st row: Knit.
2nd row: 2nd row: Knit 1, * Purl1, Knit1B (b = knit into stitch bellow), rep from * to last two stitches, purl1, knit 1.”

First row, easy, done it.
But then the second row…? Does it mean i do a plain stitch, then a purl stitch, then make a stitch in plain stitch, then repeat over and over again? like make a stitch every two stitches? Because that sounds strange.

For extra informaton, after that it goes:

"1st and 2nd row set pattern.
Working in pattern as set (throughout) continue until het measures 18 cm/7in ending with a wrong stitch row."
Then it’s the shaping of the crown. (which i am not looking forward to, i’m probably goign to need help for that as well)

Also, just to make sure i did it wright, when i’m doing ribbing, plain-purl-plain-purl etc, and it says “end with a wrong stitch” it means end with a purl stitch right? Or else i’m in a bit of trouble…

K1B means to knit into the st below the one on the needle. Look at the Glossary for k-b, there’s a video. So you knit 1, purl 1, then k1b, p1, k1b, p 1, k1b all across until the last 2 sts which should end up as p1, k1. You alternate row 1 and row 2 until it’s 7 inches from the cast on and the last row you do will be row 1 - that’s probably `end with a wrong side row’, not a wrong stitch row. Then we’ll help you figure out the decs.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

2nd row: 2nd row: Knit 1, * Purl1, Knit1B (b = knit into stitch bellow), rep from * to last two stitches, purl1, knit 1.

So you keep the edge stitches on each side in a regular plain stitch, then alternate purl and plain (knit) in the stitch below, on the middle part.

This row is kind of like a row of regular ribbing, but all of the plain stitches are done below (except for the edge stitches). You may never have ever done a plain (knit) into the stitch below before. It is one of those things in knitting that seem kind of weird, and maybe impossible, but is really easy. :slight_smile:
Because you did a plain row as row 1, you will have a purl row facing you as you begin this row. Instead of working a plain (knit) stitch into the stitch on the needle like you usually do, you insert the right needle into the hole that is right under the bump of the purl stitch that is right against the needle. Or you can think of it as right in the middle of the / that you see right under the purl stitch on the needle. You are actually knitting into the stitch in the row below instead of the one on the needle. You then yarn around like usual and pull the new loop up through the middle of that “below” stitch, then let the loop that is on the left needle come off.

It seems weird because you don’t ever really work the stitch on the needle, but you work into the stitch right under it and then let the one on the needle just come off. It seems like something might come undone or something, but it doesn’t. The result looks pretty much like a regular plain stitch but after you have a few inches of this done you will notice that it looks different.

Working in pattern as set (throughout) continue until hat measures 18 cm/7in ending with a wrong stitch row.

When it says this bit about “ending with a wrong stitch row”, I think they mean to end with a wrong side row. You didn’t say if they said whether row 1 or 2 was wrong side, but I did a couple of inches of this and both sides looks nice, but I think when you are working row 2 that you are working on the wrong side of the hat and that as you work row 1 the right side (side you will want to show) is facing you. So you end with a row 2 and begin the decreases on the row where all you do is plain across. That makes sense because the decreases will be easier to do on the plain row.

Just a note. I have not used knit in row below patterns very much. I have done the occasional K1B but on an overall pattern like this I have had trouble. If you make a mistake it is very hard to fix it. I wanted to make a little sweater that used K1B a lot and I had to give up on it because everytime I made the simpliest mistake I had to start the whole sweater over. :frowning: I have a knitting friend who told me, “Don’t make any mistakes.” That sounded easy, but I couldn’t manage it. LOL I think I have the solution now. Use a lifeline regularly. Run a piece of waste yarn through the loops on the needle with a tapestry needle every once in a while (as close together as you don’t mind ripping out). When you are sure one section is perfect, you can leap frog the lifelines and reuse the bits of waste yarn.

I think this is going to be a neat hat, I’m not trying to discourage you in the least, but you might want to use the lifeline.

I do these type of patterns only I don’t purl the sts in between the k1b sts, I knit them too. And I do that row on both sides so it makes it pretty much reversible. But I think row 1 is the WS row, though it may be easier to make the decs on it.

… I just tried several rows and this pattern is essentially reversible too, though I think on the row 2 side the sts are more even and I would use that for the RS, and row 1 the WS.

So it is wrong side,sorry, my mistake. Anyways, basically what i’ve understood is that i should continue knitting in ribbing like at the beginning, be every plain stitch is into the stitch bellow? So i do knit-purl-kb-purl-kb…
A lifeline sounds like a brilliant idea, but i’m not in my house and i don’t have all my stuff, so no needles…

Re edit later on: I’ve done the 2nd row…it appears to be working, but then do i do a plain stitch row? so i have plain-stitch row then the purl/kb row then plain-stitch again and then purl/kb…etc? Because on the picture the hat just looks like it’s done in ribbing…God i’m so lost

Yes, do row 2, then row 1 again, knit every stitch. Just repeat those rows - knit all sts and the k 1, p1, kb, p1. After a couple inches it will look like ribbing, this pattern takes a while to look like it should.

I’m glad you seem to be getting it. You are right, like Sue said, you do rows 1 and 2 over and over. So there is one row of plain and then a row 2 with the edges knit and the rest alternating purls and plain in the row belows. Once you get the hang of the plain (knit) in the row below it will be quite easy. You will get an effect of ribbing, but you don’t have to rib every row, just every other row so it will be a little faster even than a regular rib.

It also makes a nice fluffy rib too which turns out slightly larger than the same sts knit in conventional rib.

Well, to be honest, i was going well, i did like four rows of that, but then seeing as it looked all messy (obviously there was too little to see the ribing effect) i ripped it all and started over with just plain ribing, but keeping the first row of plain stitches to make a “break” in between the first bit of ribing and this one…i feel silly now :slight_smile:
So i don’t know whether to rip and start once gain after that first row or to just continue as i am…I did like the fact that it looked like normal ribing only bigger…and i got the hang of it quite fast, only made one mistake at the begining…oh God, what should i do, decisions decisons… [but thank you all for you help, very gratefull here]

With this pattern it really takes a couple inches to see the effect.

I ripped it, now i’m starting the funny stitching all over again, we’ll just have to see how it turns out.

hAHA, it’s working!!! i’m nearly finished, in two days i’ve managed to practically do it all, hehe… But now i have another question, if there is someone out there willing to help:

the pattern goes as follows for the shaping of the crown:

Nxt row: (K5, k3Tog, k5) 8 times, (k3tog) 1 times, k8.
97 sts.
work 5 more rows without shaping.

I was just wondering, knit 3 stitches together…=? I’m not really sure what that is.

Also, it says just before that " cont until hat measure 1_ cm, ending with a wrong side stitch" ; since i’m doing one row plain stitches, one row the funny ribbing (not sure what it’s called exactly) which finishes with a plain stitch, which row finishes with a wrong side stitch?

Thank you