Knitting Pattern help Button band


I am knitting my first cardigan for a friends baby and I am having trouble understanding the pattern, it is a stylecraft lullaby pattern 8912

I am trying to complete the boys front left border 6-12 months and am stuck. I have 78 stitches and the pattern states to begin the row with a 2x2 rib, work 4 rows in rib
Next row: Rib 4, cast off 2 sts, (rib 14 cast off 2 sts) 4 times, rib 3
My issue is everytime I try to complete the next row I end up with a lot more than 3 sitches, and I can’t understand where I am going wrong.

Any help anyone could give me would be so helpful.

Thank you so much

It takes 3sts to cast off 2 sts for your buttonholes. That leaves the extra stitch sitting on the right hand needle after the gap. Don’t count that stitch when you knit the next 14sts. (You’ll end up with 15sts between gaps.) That will let you end the row with 3sts to knit (4sts after the last buttonhole.)

Thank you so much! The way you explained it was so clear and I managed to finish my cardigan


Great news. Good for you!