Knitting Pattern Has Gone Flat

A while ago I started making a scarf using this pattern:
I left it for a while in my room and I brought it out because I wanted to finish it, but the pattern has gone quite flat. It used to pop out more, but now you can hardly see that there’s a pattern. Is there any way to fix this?

Washing might help. If it’s acrylic and you can run it through the washer and dryer that should fix it. Wool…I’ve not blocked anything like this so I don’t know.

What yarn are you using?

It’s kind of like wool, I lost the yarn paper thing that says what it is.

I’m attaching two pictures - the first one is what it looked like originally, the pattern is more distinctive

the very beginning looks like this and it’s fine

The second picture shows what the rest of the knitting is like - quite flat and it’s not popping out as much anymore.

You could try spraying it with water and leaving it to dry completely. Don’t bother pinning, just let it dry flat on a towel or mat. If it’s wool or a wool blend, it’ll likely pop back into shape.