Knitting pattern for 1/2 year old with a rocket motif on

I am looking for a pattern that was in the magazine Love Knitting for babies in about March,17. It was the one with a rocket motif on. Could anyone please help me with the name and number of this pattern. If not any help with a jumper pattern with a rocket on would be great. Thank you.

You could try Love Knitting and see if they have back issues. They should since it’s not that old an issue. Looks like maybe the pattern on the cover which is too cute.

ETA: You may be able to purchase and download the magazine here. I’ve never tried this.;jsessionid=9439C54DEF7988717E1BB318FB0D532C.prd-main-news4?skuId=416411310&prnt=&categoryId=cat1970036