Knitting pattern central

I miss my KPC!! :waah:

I still can’t get onto KPC! I’ve tried with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Help!
I got on fine :shrug: try clicking here and see if that gets you there

Nope. :pout:

Bummer :pout: So why is it when I click on it from post I get it and you don’t :?? I guess I’m not understanding whats happening here :??

All it says for me is “server not found blah, blah, blah”… It’s terribly frustrating because I use KPC all the time!! :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:

:hug: there there, Jan. It won’t be broken forever :hug:

I’m getting on fine, so, there’s not much I can say. Just warm wishes for those people who are sad without their KPC :muah:

I have my computer wiz son working on this for you guys :cheering: He’s gonna call me back in 15 to 20 minute.
Hang on Jan :hair: , hopefully he can figure something out :shrug:

ok here we go for Internet explorer
Go to tools
internet options
Then click on Lan setting
Check-- use a proxy service for Lan
check—By pass proxy sever for local addresses
Adress box type
in port box type 8080
Click OK and thats it

I hope that works for IE users. I only use Firefox though. :shrug:

ETA: YIKES! I did that with IE figuring I could use it for KPC even though I hate IE, but it didn’t work and made it so I couldn’t get to any site including DH’s homepage! Removed the added info and it works again now. Whew!

Thanks for trying though, Momwolf!

I’ve been having a problem with this all day. Good thing I printed my favs. :shrug:

Just so happens he gave me info for Firefox
click advanced
click network tab
click settings
check box–manual proxy confriguration
http proxy box type in–
port box type in 8080
click ok

I don’t have a network tab. :shrug:

what do u have in advanced options i have son on phondo u have older version of firefox

Me neither, don’t have anything after Advanced.

I was able to get to the site before, but not now either. Maybe it’s FF’s popup blocker?

<allows popups for KPC> Nope, that wasn’t it…


I checked for updates and it said there are none. I update regularly and now have

click on General NOT advaned
click -connections settings
then continue as before

Nope. When I try that I can’t get anywhere on the internet. I’ll try and contact my cable company and see if they know what’s up. I do appreciate all the work you and your son have done to help!

Sorry none of this helped :tap: Dan(son) says that contacting internet service would be your next step

I tried it in IE and it does report a DNS problem, which is KPC’s server. momwolf, have you hit refresh to see that you’re not bringing up a cached copy of the page?