Knitting Pattern Central News Flash! (Knitting Pattern Central/KPC)

Notice it looks different? It’s still the same great site with the same great purpose (free knitting pattern link directory) but, as was done with Crochet Pattern Central a few months back, it has been been given a “fresh look/revamp”.

Hopefully y’all will like it and the change-over went smoothly…let me know if you run into any technical difficulties.

Why did it change? Partly because I wanted a slightly different look. Partly because I got some cool behind-the-scenes database features. :happydance:

And partly sites that have at least 4,500 unique visitors a day aren’t cheap. I’m now on the hunt for advertisers. (I think it would be a good opportunity for advertisers, frankly.) If you want to be one or know of a possible one, feel free to email or pm me for detailed info. Don’t be afraid…I’ve been told the pricing is cheap. CPC’s six prime spots (there are 5 now available on KPC) are the same price, were snapped up relatively quickly, and it gets less traffic than KPC.

Anyway… happy pattern hunting!

(I checked with a mod to see if this post was in line with forum guidelines. If it’s out of line, please let me know and I will edit. Not a problem.)

ooooh you rock! I was just saying to Dustina the other day how great it would be if you had a place to see just the new patterns. It’s like you read my mind! :hug: AAAAAAAAAAWSOME!!

It looks wonderful! :cheering:

I just noticed the changes yesterday and it looks awesome!! Way to go!

Yay! :cheering: I love the “New” feature!

New Feature? As in this?

It’s been there from day one, or at least for a very long time. Sorry you didn’t see it before!

:oops: gulps I think we were talking about different things with out knowing it… I thought you had been looking under new but were seeing how some patterns would be on the new updated list but be the same as what was on the last list:?? :rofl:

:cheering: YAY for the new look!!!

I like the change/ revamp.