Knitting pattern "categories"

OK - Im tryin to get organized…

I bought a binder and sheet protectors and dividers.

If you were going to choose 8 categories in which to organize printed-off-the-internet patterns, what would they be?

I do realize that everyone “leans” toward different types of projects, for instance, I will NEVER NEVER NEVER knit a poncho…but I will appreciate YOUR opinions!

So far, Im thinking:
Dog Sweaters
Winter Gear

and, I dont know what else

Here’s what I have as folders in my bookmarks:

SWEATERS for son
Knitting Tips (like seaming, different stitches, cast on methods, etc)
Other Patterns

Alrighty then :thumbsup:

OOOooooh! What’s in that LAST category, Beldie??? Im INTRIGUED!!

weenie warmers, thongs, and knitted “parts” of course!!!

giggle Hilde said WEENIE.

Oh woops, I “mistyped” one of my file names. Last one should have been “Knotty”. The naughty file holds other “stuff”. You forgot to mention the fun fur handcuffs Hilde.

OK, I have to come out of hiding to say that no one believes this was a mistake, but it sure makes for entertaining reading! :rofling: Ya’ll crack me up.

I dont believe her either. But, HEY! Kudos to Beldie for needing a WHOLE FILE for “knotty”!

:shock: :angelgrin:

Did you mean “knotty” or “naughty” Kelly?


Im just going to assume from now on that those two words mean the same thing. At least they do to Beldie!

Isn’t life funny…how you can look through an entire list and like a magnet, your eyes focus on the one word in the list that looks even remotely kinky.

:shock: Fun Fur handcuffs? GREAT idea! :thumbsup: Just wait till Hilde see’s that! :XX:

And to think I never even though of doing those?!!! :?eyebrow:
I wouldn’t be surprised to see a pattern for them within the week. LOL
That’s a pattern that’ll likely be out faster than Martha’s Poncho!
(Sorry to remind you Kelly)

:mad: %&(%&(%&)&%@%)& poncho! :mad:


Here you go happenin…


Why am I always assumed to be the “knitty” one??? :shock:

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: love the restraint pattern belde. How many pairs do you have?

[color=red][size=6]YOU ARE ALL KNOTTY! KNOTTY KNOTTY KNOTTY![/size][/color]

Oooooooooooooooooh! ANOTHER Great T-shirt idea!

“Get KNOTTY!” (front - with a winking smiley)” (back or lower front)

beldaaran, Uh, I stand corrected…within the day. Love how she phrases the instructions.

Hilde my dear, why you take pride in that, don’t you? :slight_smile:

These seems like an item where there should be a different texture/color, for every occasion. Imagine opening up a closet to find a few dozen of these beauties?! LOL

Kelly, I’m envisioning the “Get Knotty” theme…the smiley should be made of yarn and a few tangled yarn strands around the top of it’s head…with a very sly smile on it’s face.

YES!!! YES IT SHOULD! :cheering: :rofling:

I have a binder like that … I have tabs that say
"How to"
Baby Blankets
Other baby
Accessories (which basically just has scarves in it!)

And that’s it … but it’s cuase I’ve never looked up any other patterns, but plan to soon! LOL!

69 of them

[color=red][size=7]AGAIN, KNOTTY! :fingerwag: [/size][/color]