Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar 2006


I was soooo excited…

So I had to buy it :smiley:


I got mine for 7 bucks at a charity book sale…

Of course you had to buy it. Was there any doubt?

oh I was tempted to get this one. do you like??

The one I got is a perpetual calender and I got it 40% off with the ususal coupon at Michael’s.

Neato! I’ve seen both “pattern a day” and “stitch a day” calendars.

Here’s a link to a few knitting calendars. They don’t have the Stitch a Day one, but Amazon does.

that first link didn’t work for me but if you just type in the word “knit” in the search field it will bring the choices up for you! :thumbsup:

(these people are one of my favorite clients! use my service a LOT and don’t ask for much attention! woo hoo :D)

They have them at Costco for $7 here. I got one last week and I am saving it for Christmas. I can’t wait to open it. Isn’t it great?

I bought mine last month, and have already opened it up and went through every pattern. :lol: I want to make the victorian beaded tea cozy. :heart:

I dropped a very “heavy” hint, that Santa could feel free to buy me the pattern-a-day calendar for Christmas!! I bought the crochet pattern-a-day one for my mom. :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering: LOL, since we are going out of town for Christmas (but not on Christmas day) and have decided to do our shopping for ourselves then…we decided to get something small for ‘unwrapping time’ with the family & I saw a few in Barnes & Noble & I gave it to Lonnie to give to me…BUT HE WON’T LET ME OPEN IT :frowning: !!! It does look way cool and our Marnie has a project in it :thumbsup:
I SO :heart: LOVE :heart: my perpetual stitch a day calendar, too…got mine @ Michaels with 50% off coupon, too!!

My godchilc was looking for a gift idea for me and I suggested that calendar! I can’t wait for Xmas!! I hope I’m also getting a digital row counter from my parents :-). I put all kinds of “gadgets” on my wish list – things I hesitate to buy myself because I don’t really need them :XX:

They’re a little more exxy here… $23

But it’s unwrapped, and I got through to mid February before DH told me to put it away … lOL

I bought mine a few months ago and have already looked through every pattern. It’s one of the best things EVER. I don’t even need the date on each page! LOL

PS… don’t forget to check out May 12th. It’s Marnie’s Pismo Hat! :cheering:

If no one buys me this as a gift I will buy it myself

I have that on my wishlist. I’m glad to hear that it’s good :smiley:

Darn, totally forgot it! I had it on my birthday list, but forgot to put it on my x-mas list :doh:
There’s only one online shop here in Germany that sells it(17.50€)…
…maybe I should order it for myself, but I’m saving for an external hard drive…

I picked mine up a few months back when the local mall started to put out their 2006 calendars :smiley: