Knitting pattern a day calendar 2005

i have fallen in love with free and easy pie wedge shawl
my library doesnt have it
i would gladly pay for the pattern if someone could point me in the right direction
your help would be appreciated

Sorry, I don’t have 2005 (just 07 & 08). But I’ve noticed a lot of the patterns are free on the web so you might try surfing around to see if that one is too.

thanks i will

Could this be it?

This simple shawl pattern is featured on the inside label of both Helen’s Lace and Heaven as well as in the 2005 calendar

thats it and thank you
now i have go find the lable
now i will have to go find the yarn to get the label
thank you

The yarn looks like it’s from Lorna’s Laces. Their website can help you locate the yarn. It’s at: