Knitting Pattern a Day 2008 Calendar

My friend who lives in my building said he picked up a package from the mailman for me, and I thought I must be getting really carried away with the online ordering because I didn’t remember ordering anything like he described (a book, he guessed). When I opened it I discovered it was the Knitting Pattern a Day 2008 calendar that I have a pattern in, and this was my free copy! So exciting! I’m April 21st, Earth Day :cheering:

I think I saw some familiar patterns in there. I swear I recognized a dog, Howie. Did anyone else get one yet?

That is so cool - can I tell everyone I know you when the calendar comes out???

What is your pattern for???

Oh, right, my pattern is for fingerless mittens with ruffles. As seen here:

That is great, I will have to get it when it comes out.

Wow, those fingerless mittens are really cute!!! I like them. I have a question though. Can those be made using the magic loop method? I don’t use DPN’s unless I am forced to do so. I’m just wondering because I would like to try them after I finish my first pair of socks.

Congratulations! I love those calendars. Last year, I gifted my sister (Shandeh) with one and, of course, bought one for myself. This year, there was only the Stitch 'n Bitch page-a-day calendar when I shopped. I got each one, but… meh.

ETA: So, I’ll be on the lookout for the one that includes your pattern!

Mine came today too – the funny thing was, I submitted a pattern but never heard back from them…and there it is, January 3! :happydance:

ooooh that’s so cool! :woohoo:

My sister has a pattern in the crochet calender for 2008… I’m wondering if anybody knows if they come out at the same time as the knitting calenders? They also asked her if she wanted to be in the 2009 calender!! Lucky thing… :happydance:

Thanks! I’ve never done a project on magic loop. But I don’t see why you couldn’t do it magic loop if you can transfer the pattern to that. Can ML do very small diameter. You will need a small diameter circle for the thumb.

Julie, I didn’t hear back from them, either, but I guessed that that’s just the way they roll.

Winterblues, do let us know about the crochet calendar, too. I can’t remember if I submitted anything there or not. I think I might have.

that is SO cool Nikki and Julie!! I have to go find it now and will keep an eye out for the crochet one too!!! Wow!!

That’s so cool, I love those calenders, I’ve got the knitting one, crochet one, and the S&B one.

I can’t wait to get it. I have all my one’s from this year stuck in scrapbook. I’m on in July and I’m on 3rd book!

I just bought a 365 Knitting Stitches Perpetual Calendar. It has 365 different stitch patterns. Very cool and great for a beginning knitter like me to try a small swatch to learn the different stitches. Made by Martingale Company in WA.

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Sorry I just really like the emoticons.

[SIZE=5]That’s FANTASTIC!!! What pattern did you submit? Is it that beautiful Malabrigo sweater with the diamond lace? Congratulations Sister!!![SIZE=2]

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

you just gave me a biiig chuckle- I alwyas wanted to use so many emoticons…!

OMG isnt this AWESOME?!?!? :woot::cheering::cheering::cheering::woot:

YES! They published Howie’s Knit to Fit Sweater (Feb 28th) AND my Rippling Dunes socks!!

Now, did anyone see that Ms. Rebecca has no less than SEVEN patterns published in this edition???

WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Congrats to :muah: NIKKI :muah: and :heart: JULIE :heart:!


Gosh, KH has all sorts of famous people as members!!

Congrats to all!!:thumbsup::cheering::cheering:

Yay! I knew I recognized that doggie! He’s famous. And my bunny is in the photo with the gloves, too. They’re pet stars!

Yeah, I think I saw the Touch of Whimsy hat and that’s Becca’s, right?

So, we’re going to go on tour, right? :rofl:

Im not going ANYWHERE, Nik… because Im an IJIT!! :doh: Im sorry!! Im gonna go edit my posts to say NIKKI instead of Marce… :oops:

(although I luvs Marce, too!!)

Congratulations :cheering::cheering::cheering: