Knitting Party?

I want to have a knitting themed birthday party this year but I don’t have a clue about what I should do. I know for a fact that I want knitting related gifts like books, needles, yarn etc. I know I want so cute finger foods and some cute matini’s or something but otherwise I’m clueless, I need help so I’m asking ya’ll for advice. I’ll be 28, is that too childish?
~~Newknitter44102 a.k.a. Jackie

I don’t think it’s childish at all… some one posted this a few wks or so… I thought they were really cute and kept the link…you could make any cupcake and then do the icing like in the pictures…

Also on diythey have some ideas for a knitting party

Hereis some tips I found just googling Knitting party it focus on if you guys will be knitting…

Hereis a cute idea I think they are ornaments but might give you an idea for something…

I’m not sure for finger foods… you could make things in a circle shape to represent the yarn ball and then take tooth picks to represent the needles…kinda like this pin:shrug:…I’m not sure how you could do the drinks… maybe paint a knitting theme on the outside of them?

I think a knitting party would be really cute :blooby:

you could name the drinks silly things like Mmmmmmalabrigio MMMMMMartinis…

Those ideas on DIY are great! :yay:

:think: How about something for the coffeetable that everyone could get involved in… Using straight needles cast on for a narrow scarf and knit a few rows and put it in a big bowl with your favorite colors of yarn and have everyone knit you a birthday scarf! Alternatively you could use it as a door prize to give away at the end of the party and let the winner finish it if it needs it.

What a great idea. My friends all got me knitting related gifts because of my love for knitting so i don’t think that’s childish at all.

if you laminate patterns or knitting magazine covers you could use them as placemats. the current vogueknitting would make a very beautiful setting that matches. plus it gives like 24 covers all from one magazine. check out to see the covers.

you could use jeweled stitch markers for drink markers.

of course you could knit coasters. probably in hemp so its sturdy.

make a seating chart giving your friends all a name of a famous knitting designer.

that’s all i could think of for now. but i think a knitting party would be fabulous.

You use that squeezy cheese-in-a-can to make “yarn” on crackers:eyes:–other than that I got nuthin’:pout:

BTW–I don’t think a knitting party is childish–I’d love to have one and I’m definintely not 28 :teehee:

If you plan on having your guests knit I think Stephanie Pearl McPhee said in one of her books to make sure all the food is on toothpicks or skewers so knitters don’t get their hands (and their wool) dirty. Also, serve clear drinks like water, sprite, … vodka… so that any accidental spills won’t stain yarn.

Heck no girl!!! Life’s meant for living, so enjoy what you enjoy best…knitting I presume…if, like the rest of us here you are addicted. :woot:

Happy birthday!!! :muah:I’ll be 28 again in December…for the 12th time.:whistle:

Thank you guys soooo much. I talked to my friends at my knitting group and they thought it would be cute too. Now…I just have to find a place. Definitely NOT my apartment. Way too small… but there are a few local places we could go. So, I’ll keep you guys posted and have pics whe the party happens. I’ll be 28 on November 7th. I’m a Scorpio and I love it!!!

:waving: Just saying Hi to another Scorpio knitter. I’ll be thirty-something on November 5. :slight_smile: Enjoy your party!

Same here another November Baby mine is on the 13th! And it was a Saturday that year:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

This is exactly what I want for my 32nd birthday :smiley: hehe… I’m for sure making those cupcakes :smiley:

Oh yeah…some Scorpios in the house!!! I’m looking at all trhe ideas and i’m waiting for some places to call me back so keep ya’ll fingers crossed.

Another Scorpio here. I’ll be 29 on November 11th.

thats such a cool idea i want one!

aw jeez, I wanna go to yer party. Cleveland is not too far from Oregon is it? :shrug:

You can come if you want to. If you start walking right now you might make it LOL…Just kidding. Who’s the pretty little girl in the pic? You ? Your daughter or niece? It reminds me of me when I was younger.

That’s me at 4 years old.

I’m actually going to Cincinnati in June for a conference. Are there any good yarn stores between Cleveland and Cincinnati?

If you do it you must post pics. that is the requirement.:roflhard:
Is it bad for me to feel sad when I don’t get yarn for holiday/birthday presents?:pout:

Hey, that’s my birthday, too! I’ll be 48 on 11/5! I just stopped and figured it out this morning? I was wondering when I could stop counting? the numbers just aren’t important to [I]me [/I]any more.