Knitting Party for 10 yo

My DD wants her 10th Birthday Party :present: to be a Knitting Party. She has two friends who also knit. :XX: :XX: :XX: They all have WIP so I’m requesting they bring those.

I’m looking for ideas, games, anything. :balloons:


WHAT a COOL idea!!!

How about the fastest 10 st x 10 row knitter?

The fastest yarn ball roller?

Knit something while blindfolded?

Knit the tail on the donkey?

Balloon volleyball with knitting needles without popping the ballon?

Games… you could twist up some yarn and have them untangle it up? Or take some yarn and wind it up to a ball.

I would decorate with yarn! Hang it from the celing… use it on the tables… I’ll think more on decorations

Favors… you could pick up some beads and rings and have them make stitch markers.

Ohh this is fun! i’ll think more on this! :cheering:

Games… you could twist up some yarn and have them untangle it up?

want my address??? this could save me a LOT of time!!! hehehehe…

these are GREAT ideas!!!

I’m :heart: these ideas. I’ll print out the suggestions and let DD decide.

I made up some invitations with a picture of DD wearing a vest she knitted. I’m hoping she’ll like them.

Thanks so much!! :notworthy:

wow she made a vest…holy cow she’s advanced!!! but all of these ideas are great!! :happydance:

1to1 said:

I made up some invitations with a picture of DD wearing a vest she knitted.

That is a great idea! She must be one heck of a knitter. I still won’t try vests. I need some of her courage. :smiley:
If there will be newer knitters’ why not have them make bracelets from yarn and beads.
Maybe I’ll have more ideas later. :??

Here is her vest. We are so proud of her. I check her room and there she is :XX: She is a speed knitter and can you believe she’s a lefty.

:cheering: That is Groovy!!! :cheering:

Oooh how about Musical Knits!! Like musical chairs only every one has a knitted piece and when the music stops they have to pass it on to the next knitter. Mid-stitch! The loser is the one who is slowest to pass on a needle!

Or something like that…

We enjoyed reading everyone’s posts.

She thinks they are cool ideas :happydance: .

Her party is Fri the 13th.

Thanks again!

OmiGoddess my son would just die for that vest!! Pattern please? What yarn? Oh I wish my kid could go to the party. Can we borrow yer idea and a yarn party on his b-day? It’s not til December…

You must post lots of pics and tell us all about the party too! :balloons:

Expanding on this idea …

How about everyone has a different color yarn (maybe a yard or so, definite not attached to a full skein - too cumbersome). Anyway … whoever has the piece (a square or such) has to knit for however long the music plays. When the music stops, they must pass it on. The next person then starts to knit WITH HER (HIS) OWN COLOR until the music stops, then pass it on. Etc … So when the round ends, the winner is the one with the most stitches (identifiable by the different colors).

Just a thought … :oops:

We are going today to buy prizes–tape measures, small scissors, post-it notes, mechanical pencils and a little cosmetic bag to keep it in.

Any other ideas? We will probably make stitch markers.


i am not sure exactly how to do this but how about putting a stitch marker on a a piece of yarn and then knotting it up (no tight knots i would think) and the person who gets their marker off first wins a prize.

i think there is a way to do this with humans too…tie them together and some how get them all “knotted” up and then make them untwist themselves…the first team to get unknotted wins. (i can picture this in my head but i can’t figure out how they get “knotted”)

hmm…also maybe get a ball of yarn and measure it, ball it back up and see who can guess the closest to how much is on the ball.

Just a thought on the stitch racing… I think that I, as a slow knitter and a newbie, might feel a little intimidated or embarrassed by contests the emphasize my slowness…