Knitting onto existing objects

Hello all, I wish you all well. I’m starting to become an “advanced beginner” and so my mind is thinking a bit more imaginative, and I was wondering…say you see any article of clothing (or other) at the thrift store, and as you look at it you get ideas for knitting on details or any other additions to it to make it something a bit different. Any ideas on how to do this? Or has anyone done this? Thank you for any input!

I haven’t done it, but it’s crossed my mind. I think there are maybe a couple ways… If you were going to crochet you could sew a blanket stitch onto the edge of the object to give your needle something to attach the yarn to. You could also knit/crochet something then sew it on. The latter would require figuring out your stitches per inch and some experimentation to have it fit. I’m sure someone may have done this…I’ve seen a crocheted edge on pillow cases and kitchen towels…:think:

Great advice, Jan. I saw a cute sweater but it was too short for my taste. So it crossed my mind that maybe I could pick up stitches along the bottom and knit more length in a desired pattern with a sassy ruffle. I like your idea of crocheting the edge first to give me something to “grab on” to for picking up. Thanks too for your suggestion of knitting a separate piece and sewing it on. Wow, now I have several images in my head for endless options! I guess the name of the game is experimentation, huh? Thanks.

How about getting a sweater at a thrift store to experiment with? Even if it’s nothing you’d wear it would be good to play with… hmm. Might have to try that myself after the holidays.

I made a baseball style jacket with an old wool blanket, and added knitted collar and cuffs. I sewed them on.

someone STOLE it a few years ago!

I might make another one.
it was cute.

Yeah Jan I’m going to the thrift store tomorrow and will get that sweater. I think it will be fun to try some things out on it. Who knows what can evolve!

Purrtwo, too bad sweetheart! I’ll bet it was a special piece. Sure, make another when you can. I’d love to see it.