Knitting one row on the wrong side

:knitting: This is my issue at the very beg of pattern, I am not sure how to do this…

  1. Beginning with cardigan right side first, cast on 33 stitches and work 4 rows in stocking stitch.
  2. Work a breaking row by knitting one row on the wrong side.

I read work 4 rows in St st as knit row, purl row, knit row, purl row…and then step 2 is knit row on wrong side? :think: Can somebody please describe to me how I go about this?



Instead of knitting row 5, purl it. That will put a purl ridge on the knit side, which will probably be used for a turning ridge for a hem. So your rows will be k, p, k, p, p, p, k, p, etc.

Though they may be assuming that you start with a purl row for the stockinette, so you would then p, k, p, k, k, k, p.

It’s not written well, the main thing is to get 4 rows of stockinette, then make sure a purl ridge shows up on the RS.

great ! thanks for taking to time to reply, so much easier explained like that hehe
I’ll give that ago as soon as I get time to do more knitting…after kids go to bed hehe