Knitting on vacation

I was recently asked,
"How do you pick what knitting supplies to take on a trip?"
I quickly answered,
“It’s easy, I have a big truck!” :thumbsup:

Ah, a girl after my own heart. I know what I bring to work so I can knit a bit at lunch, I can’t imagine what I’d bring on vacation. I think I’d have to send a box ahead of me for all the ‘in cases’.

You mean a “boy after your own heart” I hope… :wink:

:oops: Sorry!

I just came back from a 10 day trip… Luckily i wasn’t the one doing the driving (which is rare!). It was one of those “take a tour of the state” kind of trips so i knew that we’d have lots of time in the car in between destinations.

I decided to start a baby blanket project for a friend. It was nothing intricate, just lots of garter stitch and no fancy color changes… It was a GREAT project because i didn’t have to think about it and could just knit the hours away. I even bought a little book light to clip onto my seat belt (a la my hero Silver!! :thumbsup:) so i could keep the driver awake at night! It turned out beautifully (if i say so, myself!) so i’m quite pleased. :slight_smile:

“boy after your own heart”

A boy, eh? Fabulously cool, that is… :thumbsup:


My knitting bag holds everything I might need. All of my needles (Denise set, DPNs, and small circulars), and all of my little knitting notions. All I need to pick is a pattern, and the yarn. :smiley:

I have a big truck too, with a truck box. So, in the event that I buy a lot of yarn, I always have room for it. LOL

Me too… I’m like a snail - everything travels around together… I have all of my needles organized into little compartments and my other paraphenalia :wink: in other compartments with the project in the main bag area… off i go, all in one!!


:roflhard: I was actually thinking that!

Welcome Knitwiz… from a guy knitter.

:roflhard: I was actually thinking that!

Welcome Knitwiz… from a guy knitter.[/quote]

And another! :thumbsup:

we are out there!!! :lol: