knitting on the wrong side of the round

I’ve knit about 130 rows of my sweater so I don’t want to start again. On row 113, I started noticing the wrong side purls were coming out on the right side, and vice versa. I don’t want to rip out any stitches, so how do I flip it back around? My pattern is

row 1: k1, k1, p1 repeat, then last 2 stitches k2
row 2: p1, p1, k1 repeal until last 2 stitches p2
row 3 & 4: knit

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Welcome to KH!
Take a look at the rows around the first row where the purl bumps are on the incorrect side. See if you can spot a hole where you may have switched direction on the knitting. You may have inadvertently picked up the knitting and started off in the wrong direction.

The only solution is to rip back to the error and re-knit those rows. You can take out the needle, rip to within a row of the change and then tink the last row while inserting the needle into each stitch.

Just flipping the knit tube inside out isn’t enough to solve this problem.

You’re going to have to rip back to the point at which you switched sides. Just no other way to do it.

Make sure you are knitting on the outside. If you look at this page…scroll down to see the pink knitting… you can see how you should be holding it.