Knitting On The Job

This morning I had to wait about an hour and a half to get loaded as the crane was busy loading another truck when I got there. No problem, I just pulled out my knitting and passed the time working on it.

Later on I got stuck for two hours in a huge traffic back up on I-75 due to a very bad wreck about 10 miles ahead of me. As traffic was at a dead stop, yep you guessed it, I worked on my knitting some more.

A lot better than sitting and fuming over the delays.

I find I am looking forward to delays when I have my knitting with me. What am I saying it is always with me lately.:rofling:

I bring my knitting to the “office” too! But I’m the only one doing what I’m doing and right now I have no work…soooo…hopefully I’ll finish the never ending baby blanket.

I did that last winter when I was stuck coming home from work for over 4 hours…

I knit at work everyday! :wink:

i only WISH i could knit at work. i wouldn’t want to get hospital germs on my knitting or tools though. blech! i’ll have to stick to knitting at home.

I know what you mean. I have almost an hour commute to work by train and routinely use that time to knit. Some days I find myself wishing for a delay or breakdown so I can continue knitting for a little while longer!
What does that say about my priorities?


I have 20 minutes for lunch (school teacher). So I take my knitting and knit while I make sure my [I]babies[/I] get their trays. They don’t talk at lunch…they eat and watch me knit. It’s the best part of my day.

Sometimes I manage to knit while the kids are working on their school work.

For me, knitting is mostly an night time occupation. There are days I wish I did have more consistant alone time to knit at other times then when I am tired!

When I was working I used to knit in the cafeteria at lunch every day. Everyone called me Granny (I’m in my 20’s). I didn’t care! I just kept on knitting. . .

Knitting whilst being paid :lol: What a great thing!!

I knit on the way to and from work, DH drives. I also knit while I wait for him to pick me up at night. I always keep a hat or small project in the car for those “knitable moments”.

I currently bring my knitting to work but I’m on the graveyard shift and I’m a 911 operator. The next job I go to might possibly make this impossible. We’ll see.

I knit during my lunch break daily. I also knit during my students “educational fun” time. A few have asked me to teach them how to knit when school starts again.

I knit at work to Mason!! :cheering: I knit where ever I can actually. Work has been so very slow lately so I just sit here and knit. xxx I also knit on the train as well. There are a few ladies on the train who I dont even know who I sit by who knit.

I knit on my commute to and from work (train), which is about 1/2 an hour. I wish I could knit during work, but unfortunately work gets in the way…

I had my knitting at work one day and actually found I could read and knit at the same time (it was an easy scarf pattern). I also found this was a great way for me to think through issues. I usually don’t bring my knitting to work, though, because it doesn’t LOOK like I’m working.

I knit during meetings and in class. It helps me listen better.

:lol: When I saw the title of the thread I thought, “Mason is the ONE person I don’t want to think of knitting on the job!” Of course, I was envisioning you barreling down the road, elbow on the wheel, peering over at your pattern while furiously knitting away.

I knit on the job for about 30 mins once when our network went down. I had made every possible phone call and done every possible non-computer-related task and the network was still down, so out came the needles. If I have an errand to run at lunch, I am always secretly relieved if the errand involves some unexpected wait. Knitting during the middle of a weekday is so luxurious!

I tried knitting in a traffic jam, that was mistake… one time I let about a 8 car space open in front of me before I realized the cars in front had slowly inched forward and then the next time I almost bumped the car in front of me. Eyes on the road…I hate driving, I can’t wait until I can take the bus/train again.