Knitting on round needles

Hello everyone, this is my first time on this sight so I hope I do this properly. I am looking for help in knitting a hat (cable pattern) which is written to be knitted on the flat but I would like to knit it on round needles. Can you tell me how to modify the pattern for this transition? Thank You

It depends on the pattern but in general, directions for a hat knit flat will have an extra stitch at each side (sometimes just at one side) which will become part of the seam, so you can delete those end sts when knitting in the round.
For the stitch patterns, on the right side, the rows will be the same as the pattern knit flat. For the wrong side rows, the sts will be the opposite, i.e. where it says k1, you will p1 and vice versa. The most important thing is to look your work and at the way your stitches are turning out and make sure it’s the pattern you want to see.
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Cables are sort of like ribbing except for the rows you cross the sts, which will normally be only on the RS rows. So to work the ‘WS’ rows in the round, just knit the knit st and purl the purl sts. And take off the edge sts that would normally be used in the seam.

Thank you for responding. I understand an appreciate you taking the time. Now, I am just waiting for my interchangeable Denise needles to arrive and I will be good to go. Does anyone have any comments on the needles. Cheers MKH