Knitting on dpns

Hello, I hope somebody can help me. I’m learning how to knit in the round on double pointed needles. I’m having trouble with tension when you knit from one needle to the next. No matter how tight I pull the yarn you can still see the transition from one needle to the next. What am I doing wrong somebody please? I’m getting really frustrated and can’t work it out myself

A lot of these problems will work out when you block your project. I always knit 1-2 stitches past the end of the section on each needle, so that the join spot migrates around. This seems to help hide the problem. Sometimes you just have to keep going, and it will calm down with practice. When it’s finished and off the needles, it’s not usually as noticeable as you think it will be.

Sometimes pulling tight can make it worse, it stretches the yarn and makes it pull the adjacent sts more. So just work the first st with a normal tension, [I]then[/I] pull the yarn a bit and go on.

Rotating the stitches by knitting a couple more onto the R needle before switching to an empty one helps too. And if it’s not too loose, washing the item does even out the sts pretty well.

As GramdmaLori said moving the join every couple of rounds helps.

I also have three three steps I take each time I change needles.

  1. pull the last stitch a little tighter
  2. as I leave one needle and insert the new working needle into the first stitch on the next needle, I use a finger to push the needle I’m leaving up against the two working needles.
  3. pull the first and second stitches on the next needle a little tighter.

I hope this helps.

I try to be sure to NEVER start a new needle with a purl stitch. And I like to migrate the stitches as well.