Knitting on dpns

I’m doing my first pair of socks and I’m a little stymied. As in Amy’s video, my working yarn is on the right needle and I’m using the fourth needle to create my new stitches from the loop on the left needle. When I’m doing the ribbing everything is fine since what is a purl on the inside turns out to be a knit on the outside. What happens though when I want to just plain old knit. All of the instructions that I see just say to knit. But if I do that won’t I end up with purling on the outside? :thinking: Thanks in advance for the help.

If you knit, you should have knit sts on the outside of the sock. Unless you are knitting with the working yarn farthest away from you…like drinking out of the far side of a cup. You should be knitting out of the closest side of your “cup”.

Thanks Kelly, the stitches would be on the outside of the sock if the cuff were coming out toward me. Kind of like in Amy’s video where she likens the little cuff she made to a finger of a glove. Is the cuff coming up and out the way its supposed to go?

I cant visualize what you are asking now…can you post a pic of how you are holding things??

Major technological meltdown. The first time I ever tried to attach a picture. Anyhow, the way that the knitting is arranged is with the yarn on the right needle, the extra dpn is inserted into the knitting on the left needle. If I want the knitting to be on the outside, the knitting must arise out of the dpns toward me and not hang down. Is this the right way. I watched Amy’s video and this seems to be the way she is doing it. It just seems a little awkward thats all. (I just tried to attach the picture and the file was too big) Thanks again for the help.

Hopefully this will help you! :slight_smile:

Thanks Silver, it helped big time. :smiley: I have looked at your sock class before but somehow I never “got” that picture until I tried it with the knitting in my lap. Somehow Amy’s video approaches this from another angle which worked but produced the result I described above. Thanks for all the effort it took to put that sock class together. :thumbsup: