Knitting on Circular Needles

I am knitting a Big Needle Afghan that require two threads held together. Frequently, it is easy to knit into one thread and proceed…not knowing that you have inadvertently created an extra stitch.

Now I have learned ( through this forum!) to count at the end of each row. Although this takes time ( 162 stitches!!) I find that the pattern stays true and I don’t wind up with some wibble wabble pattern and go " WHA!!".

The book " Big Needle Afghans" is really nice.

Here’s the question on Making a Bobble. I can make one by turning the work to the purl side on straight needles. My book asks me to knit in front, back,front,back, front and then take the stitches off…why can’t I turn the work as in the video on making bobbles?

What’s the next instruction after increasing all those sts in one? Usually [I]that’s[/I] where you turn to knit or purl them toghether, but all patterns are different.

Nope it just says to keep on kniting on the same row. BTW, is there any way to keep that big hole from coming after making the bobble…even though you knit tighter on the next pass of stitches>