Knitting on circs

I’m new to this knitting on circular needles. Is stockinette st if just knitting. When I go to k1,p1 how should that come out? Mine looks bad. :crying:
Any Ideas??

You can use circs two way; knitting in the round, or straight knitting.

When you knit in the round (think knitting a tube) you’re always on the right side of the garment. So, stockingette stitch would be knitting every row instead of doing the knit one row, purl one row you’d do on straight stitches.

That said, if you are doing k1, p1, you are doing ribbing. In that case, as you complete the first row (I usually put a marker there to remind me) you’ll knit the knit stitches and purl the purl ones.

Thank You very much. :thumbsup: