Knitting on airplane

Has anyone had any problems lately with taking their knitting needles on a flight? I’m getting mixed messages, so my plan is to take my cheaper needles and small projects like dishcloths in case I’m ordered to leave it behind it won’t hurt so much. I would appreciate any comments about your experiences. Thanks.

Never had a problem myself, even with metal needles.

I did read that someone always puts those rubber point protectors on their needle tips (to make them look less like weapons) because even though the TSA official website says it is okay, it is still up to the discrecion of the agent who is screening your carry-on. The same person said they also carry an addressed, stamped padded envelope for that “just-in-case” scenerio.

I plan to use these same pointers when I fly later this month.

Good luck and happy travels!

i was talking to someone at my knitting club and they are going to hawaii and she is bringing her knitting on the plane. she told me they are allowing knitting needles on the planes now. but i would check with your airline. have a great time and happy knitting maggie

I’ve flown in the past year & didn’t have any issues taking my needles on the plane (and they were the long metal ones). But it can’t hurt to be prepared!

misha rf,

this has nothing to do with needles on airplanes but I just gotta know where Hooterville is. Im originally from Wilson “World’s Greatest Tobacco Market” - just in case ya didn’t know :teehee:

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as for the point protectors…they don’t make a difference, xray machines differetiate (sp??) between metal and plastic, also, they may look like knives on xray, which would prompt a bag search. the officer may ask a supervisor for verification as to it being allowed. they are a fairly common carry-on item. as for it being up to thier discretion, only so much. if it clearly states it is an allowed item, then its okay. the gray area is more for items that aren’t listed in either category, or are potentialy dangerous.
I recently worked for TSA and this is the prohibited/allowed list
knitting needles and crochet hooks are allowed, and scissors that are blunt tip (like safty child scissors) or pointed scissors that have a blade length of no more than 4 inches are allowed. sewing needles are allowed also.
i hope this helps! check the website again before you leave on your trip, as sometimes the list gets changed w/o much notice. :eyebrow:

I’m from Oak City near Tarboro - about thirty miles from Wilson :slight_smile:

I just flew from Pittsburgh to Denver and back again…had no problem with my knitting either direction. I flew with bamboo double pointed needles, and with child safety scissors from Pgh to Denver (though not on the way back.)

I went with bamboo over metal to be extra careful, but I probably could have gone with metal and no one would have batted an eye.

i haven’t had any trouble with needles flying domestically over the last 5 years.

one thing i’ve heard recently is that if you are travelling out of the country, you might have trouble getting your needles back into the country. so double check with that country’s restrictions. but if you’re staying in the states, you shouldn’t have a problem.

happy travels!

i’ve been able to take my knitting with me on flights in the country. no problems or questions at all.
i went on a business trip outside of the US in december and my yarn and needles were fine flying out, but, coming back in to the US they were confiscated. something about needles being sharp, pointy, and therefore dangerous objects and the yarn being considered rope. :??
very uncool.

I’ve never gotten my knitting confinscated on airplanes, even my itsy bitsy metal DPNs. Honestly, I’ve never heard of anyone getting their knitting confinscated :shrug:

I just recently flew from LAX to Phoenix, so a short flight - but it meant going through security check points quite a few times due to the airline cancelling my return flight. I didn’t have an ID, so I wound up going through 6 different TSA screeners total for a bag search. None of them commented on my metal needles.

You could always print out a copy of TSA’s list of acceptable carry on items. Enjoy your flight :slight_smile:

i recently hope on flight to texas and back to Switzerland … no issue on my metal, plastic, wood made knitting needles…

i think they are fine with that now…but it seem that different countries or states TSA react differently on this issue…some are particular and extra careful and the other are more lenient…

I think the only issue (concern) now with flying with needles is flights out of foriegn countries. I had no trouble going to Mexico with my knitting, however, flying home from Mexico they were not going to let me keep them so I was able to shove them in my checked baggage (I got lucky). My girlfriend flew to London two weeks ago and had no problem with her needles going there, however, she lost them flying back.

Hmmm…wonder if it’s the same with crochet?

It is really up to the agent that is doing the security check I think… and it doesnt only apply to knitting needles but to everything!!

I flew to San Francisco and didnt bring them with me because I was afraid they might take them away from me… and in the same plane there was this lady knitting a huge afghan… I was kinda upset because at that time I was working on an afghan myself and bringing it with me had been so much entertaining than playing sudoku puzzles back and forth.

When we went to Mexico, they made a girl throw away her victoria secret tiny lotions even though they were in a zip lock back as requested… she was really upset since it was her second time going through security because she had to pick up something from her mom on the other side of security…

As far as the TSA go… the website states that you can bring knitting needles in your carry on lugagge… maybe you can print it and bring it with you just in case they give you any problem.

Last summer I brought knitting on board. I had bamboo needles (circulars). I did bring a print out of the TSA page and made sure that it was a project in full swing to prove that they were, in fact, knitting needles. I had no problems in either direction.

here’s what they say about knitting needles:

and have had no problem so far, in the Boston or Portland, Oregon airports.

I was knitting on a flight this morning. I had bamboo DPN’s. Nobody even asked to look at them.