Knitting on a team logo

I am interested in knitting a dog sweater with a team logo on it (the Boston Bruins spoked B). I found a knitting chart on Ravelry which is perfect . However, I’ve never done any knitting that involves changing back and forth between colors so was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of good resources that would help me learn how to do that.

Is this going to be knit back and forth (flat knitting)? Putting the logo on in the round is a bit more complicated.
Best to use stranded knitting. There are several ways to hold the yarn to work this so try different ones until you find something comfortable. Here are a couple of sites and videos:

I realized I never responded to this post! I went ahead and tried the stranded knitting and ended up ripping it out. Carrying three colors was too much and the carried strands ended up showing through to the right side all over the place. So I decided to use duplicate stitch/swiss darning to put the logo on after I knit the sweater and it turned out perfectly!


Well done! That’s perfect duplicate stitch and result is amazing.