Knitting on a plane

i was reading on other websites that say that knitting is allowed on airplanes i will be traveling on a airplane in a couple months, so i sent a email to sun country airlines and asked if knitting needles were allowed on airplanes and he said no knitting needles are not allowed on the plane, and have to go underneath. i just wanted to let knitters know who are traveling.:knitting: [/B]

The policy varies by airline. Some allow plastic needles only, some allow none at all. Too bad you can’t take yours with you.

Sun Country airlines? Is that a USA based airline?

Well, after 9-11…when all knitting, etc was banned for a while, I thought I would go insane in the airline terminals.

Then they lifted the knitting restrictions within USA, but if you had a destination in a foreign country, they would take your needles away.

Gads. :hair: It is driving me nuts.

Well, alleusion is right…it varies from airline to airline, terminal to terminal. You were smart to call ahead.

I am so glad I don’t have to travel (fly) for business anymore. :eyes:

Fortunately it looks like suncountry is a small airline with limited destinations. Most large airlines go by TSA regulations which do allow knitting needles of most varieties on board. I could find no information on their website about allowable carry on objects. I wonder if you talked to someone who didn’t know and just decided that knitting needles would be dangerous. I would call your local airport and ask there before presuming that person is correct. I’ve knit in 2 of the largest airports in the country and if that was ok, then I can’t see how a small airline can be so backwards. If anything you can quote TSA and ask to “verify” :slight_smile:

That is really too bad, but definitely smart to call ahead to ask. My friend was flying home to England from Korea about a month or so ago and they wouldn’t let her take her knitting on board even though she was using wooden needles. I just flew to the UAE from Korea and had no problem taking my knitting on board. I also had no problem flying to Canada in the summer. It must vary from airline to airline and may also vary from person to person. Sucks if you can’t take it with you though, especially if it is a loooong flight.

I just flew 2 months ago & had no problems with my needles - I took both bamboo & plastic & even had scissors (the safety kind though) & no one said anything. I had my knitting bag as my carry on - & it went through the detectors & everything with no problem. I would have gone nuts without my knitting on the plane! I’d check back - maybe it’ll change.
And I hate to say it but maybe you can take something small that can fit in your purse (with plastic or bamboo needles) - something that you wouldnt care if it got taken away - that way if you make it through - you’re good to go - if not, it doesnt hurt to try! (is that breaking the law or anything - if so, forget I said it!)

I travel 3-4 days per week for business through Chicago and I am ALWAYS allowed to take my knitting needles through security. No problem. Never been stopped and the flight attendants always stop by to ask me what I’m knitting.

Happy Traveling.

Chgo Knitter.

Yeah, they’re allowed according to TSA guidelines. When I flew, I kept a separate small make-up sized bag with just my sock knitting needles (and I brought bamboo instead of knitpicks, just to keep it on the even-safer side), yarn, and my tiny blunt scissors. In this bag, I also kept the list of allowed carry-on items I printed off of the TSA website, with the knitting needles and scissors parts highlighted for ease. I didn’t have any trouble, though :thumbsup: but wanted to be prepared.
So if they’re sticking to TSA guidelines, you should be fine.

I’m flying from NY to Orlando in May, and the airline website says they permit knitting needles. I certainly hope so, I’d hate to have to leave them behind as I was going through security.

I also flew in the last couple of months. Went from Seattle to NY and back and had no problems at all. I would check again and see if it was just the person you talked to. My hubby flies regularly and says it depends on who is manning the checkpoint. Some people just like to cause grief and most are pretty good.

Airlines are as wobbly as politicians. They will change their minds as the wind blows. Call just before you leave to find out their rule of the day. I knit baby hats for charity and I think they hate to say no to that. Good luck.

I remember something! The first time I took a USA flight after knitting needles were un-banned, [B]I printed a copy[/B] of the do’s and “don’ts, can’s and can’ts” [B]directly from the TSA website.[/B]…and took it with me to show the TSA folks at security. In case any of them were unaware of what their official website says. And also, in case anyone on the airplane was unaware of the ‘un-ban’.

This thread reminds me that I saw a blurb in a recent knitting magazine about Clover yarn cutting medallions, and it was all about how you should take it on the plane with you since scissors aren’t allowed.

The TSA site specifically says they are NOT allowed (though I have mistakenly traveled with one and did not get caught). I just thought it was irresponsible for the person who wrote the blurb not to look it up!

HERE is a direct link to the official TSA web page that elaborates on this subject. I noticed that we can also “sign up” for updates if the list should change.

When you get to the page, you can also “save” a PDF copy of the entire list of prohibited and permitted items.