Knitting on a movie set

Tom Hanks play a practical joke on Julia Roberts. But she really is knitting at the end.

Thanks Knit Picks for sharing this on FB.


This is FANTASTIC!!! Thanks so much!!!

:roflhard: Love it!

That was SOOOOOOOO great! I loved it! Thanks for sharing!

Loved it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

that was fun to watch, I love her ridiculous laugh

I love the fact that she promotes knitting! It’s great! Love it! :knitting:

That was really fun!! :roflhard:

That was great fun! Thanks so much for posting.

If you ever watch The Bridges of Madison County, look for the scene where the family is gathered around the tv. Meryl Streep is knitting in that one.

The guy all wrapped up in the yarn is my favorite.