Knitting on a budget

Hobby Lobby, like was said above, has a sale on yarn almost weekly.
I never buy full price yarn. Have not for years.
Hobby Lobby has a yarn called Icelandic Jewels, regularly about 6 dollars a skein, but, recently, they were all on sale for ONE dollar each!
They were out of a color I wanted, to complete a project, so, I got a rain check, and when the new shipment came in, I got 7 skeins of yarn for 7 dollars, not 42 dollars.

Just figure that most projects will take about 7 skeins of 3 oz. yarn, so, stock up when the sales are on.

Ebay sellers sometimes get greedy, and charge too much for too little, so, I steer clear of them.
JoAnn Fabrics has a sale on right now, here, at least, 50% off any regular priced item. Plus, their yarns regularly go on sale. I know, because I work there.
Seasonal yarns, such as pastels for spring, christmas yarns, fourth of July r,w,and b yarns will drop in price after the holiday, so, keep an eye out, and stock up.

You can get some good deals on ebay though. I wanted some SWS as I don’t have a store close to me that sells it. I got 2 skeins for about $11 including shipping - at $5.50 each that was close to a sale price at Michaels or Joann’s. You just have to know what the regular price is and figure in the shipping costs. Some sellers will have a really great price on needles or yarn but jack up the shipping cost. Shipping of $2-4 is reasonable, $10 is not.

Well, I’m frugal even though I’m no starving college student :slight_smile: So here are some ideas:

  1. Let people know you knit. You would be surprised at the number of people who tried knitting a few times and then quit. They have all kinds of needles and tools and yarn, but no longer have a use for them. People will offer you more things than you will know what to do with!

  2. Shop sales. You can subscribe to Hobby Lobby, JoAnn and Michael’s weekly circulars. JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby come with coupons, though Michael’s doesn’t. And sign up at JoAnn to get mailers. You can use only 1 “like” coupon per visit, which means you can use 1 newspaper coupon, 1 each of your mailer coupons and 1 each of your e-mail coupons. Sometimes I’ve gone in there with 7-10 different coupons and ended up giving some away to strangers because I couldn’t use them all. Very handy when you are wanting to buy several skeins of yarn.

  3. Salvage yarn from other projects or from thrift stores. I have a lovely angora sweater that I got from the thrift store for $2! It was an easy $200 sweater from one of those ritzy department stores. I washed it up and am salvaging it for a different project.

  4. Look at thrift stores and garage sales for boxes of unwanted yarn. Even if there is yarn in the box that isn’t to your liking you could always either make charity gifts with it or donate it to retirement/nursing homes (they are always looking for yarn for crafts for their residents).

  5. Put out a “Wanted” ad on your local freecycle list or Craig’s list. You’d be surprised what people will give away!

When gifted with things that aren’t to your liking, accept them graciously and then pass on the things that you don’t like.

I like to go to, click on “Sale”, and look at what’s available. They have really good sales, and they give full technical descriptions of weight, gauge, washing instructions, and all you need to know for yarn substitution. I once got $8 designer yarn for $2 a ball.

I like to use my coupons. I am currently knitting out of my stash so I don’t need to buy much unless it’s for a project, and then it’s only a small purchase. oh, and clearance is great too!

I like to go to my closet and find those sweaters I don’t like anymore, don’t fit, or for whatever reason I never wear. I cut them and unravel them and have gotten some substantial amounts of very nice yarn. It’s also cool to do this with thrift store sweaters.

man these great ideas just keep on coming! I’m loving it :slight_smile:
thanks for all the recommendations, i found a hobby lobby near me that i didnt know about(YAY!) and there is a joannes on the other side of town so i have been keeping an eye on their sale ads.

I like to ask for supplies for x-mas or my birthday…lol…Sure it doesn’t come around often, but, it’ll give ya a start…Or, even ask for gift certificates for whichever stores near you carry yarn, needles, etc.

When I began knitting, I didn’t have much money for what I needed (well, still don’t…lol) so when my mom and dad asked me what I wanted for x-mas, I told them books about knitting, needles and yarn…And, I got them! It was enough to get started and since then, when I have a little extra cash, I’ll get more yarn or any other supplies I need. Michaels usually has a decent selection of discounted yarns!

I too have found my straight needles pretty much obsolete after getting my interchangable circs…Too bad I didn’t get the circs sooner! LOL!