Knitting of Raglan Cardigan

I want to know if ist possible to knit a crdigan from down to top in raglan, bcoz i have already started 1 from down, with a 3mm needle with mercerised cotton perle yarn …plse…thanks

Sure it can be done. With that needle size and yarn, it’s going to take a while though…

yea, i know it . i have already stop the front left up to the armhole n hve started the back. It wud be sleeveless, but i wud like to know how to process it when arriving at the advisable to continue with straight needle or a cabled one…thnks

It sounds like you’re knitting separate pieces to be joined later for knitting together below the underarm? I guess you can do that the way one would knit a top down seamless raglan cardigan. Knit the pieces separately to the underarms, then seam together and knit the body as one piece. Because of the number of stitches, they’ll fit on a circular needle easier.

yea i am knitting it separately n i intend to continue it the same way u sed but i hve circular needles size 2.25 n 4 u think the 2.25 will be ok or shud i hve to buy another of same size of the straight 1 that is 3mm. thnks

You want it all knit on the same size needle. If this is a baby sweater, you could probably get all the stitches on a straight needle. But since you’ve got to seam the raglan edges on the the top, might as well keep going in separate pieces all the way down and sew up the side seams too.

no, its for adult size n hve to use circular needle …maybe after finishing all the pieces till the undearm height, then will see the possiblity of decreasing for the raglan …its then that i will hve an idea for the final touch …thnks